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Title: Background on Rosa
Genre: AU, D/s, Power Exchange Universe
Rating: R


While under the rule of another nation, or as a colony, that nation wears the collar of it's colonial master whether dominant or submissive.  Forcible removal of a collar is traumatic for both sides.  The collar symbolizes being owned, yes, but it also stands for being protected, cared for, and always having someone. 

England as America's Colonial Master.
While in my head cannon England never formally collared America, it doesn't mean America never wore a collar.  Instead I think that's part of why America rebelled.  He'd never had to before and suddenly, he was being forced into it by the colonial powers. 
Canada on the other hand had had 2 formal collaring ceremonies - one from France as Francis Does This Stuff Right Always, and one from Arthur when he was ceded to the English.

Anyways.  Even though Alfred only wore a collar for a short period of time (say from the Indian-French Wars), it still meant something to him.  It was something showing that England really did care about him, and want him.  However, he didn't really understand what the whole meaning behind it was as he'd never learned.  What he did know was it kept other nations at bay - and showed any interested nation that America was owned by England.  The few times anyone (France, Spain) tried to touch him, England would roar in and kick their asses, yelling about HIS COLONY IS HIS Yo and would then spend a long time comforting the clueless teenage virgin.
I say that because I couldn't get the Puritans anything other then...the Puritans.

The trouble really started when Alfred's colonial Govs started to crack down on his personal freedoms.  He was an English Colony and should do things a certain why so as not to embarrass Arthur.  Arthur had never sat down and had the Chat with Alfred.  Alls Alfred knew was people went places to get trained to have sex, and Subs got collared, and Doms did the collaring.  He knew and understood the general bits, but not the specific bits.  Arthur for his part had assumed the Govs would teach Alfred and he wouldn't have to.  The Govs thought Arthur had already covered this.

So. Revolution.  Alfred cuts off his collar and sends it to Arthur along with the Deceleration.  Understandably Arthur flips out.  Alfred's not sure why it hurts him so much to do that and tries in a clumsy way to make up for it which leads to 1812.  Matt is Not Happy to be thrown in the middle of it.

After all that Alfred sort of retreats from the world.  England had hurt him badly and he'd hurt England equally badly.  He was confused as to just how he'd hurt England and frankly Matt wasn't talking to him right then.  Cara wasn't much help either.  Gradually however, he slowly started to pick this Sex Thing up - a bit of French, a bit of Spain.  He never formally trained unlike every other nation.

He also doesn't use sex in treaties.  The only nation's he's ever had sex with in a treaty was France and Prussia during the revolution and that was handjobs.

England's PoV:
He reacts badly to Alfred's independence.  Looking back he realizes what the source of Alfred's confusion is and starts out on an ill-adviced plan to ensure it never happens again.  So shortly after 1812 he orders all of his colonies, regardless of age into training.  Scotland and Wales protest this - some of the colonies are barely old enough to be teens after all.  They're concerned about Arthur's mental stability - if he blows then it could effect the whole Empire.  Also, even in this universe, shota is not thought highly of.

He never gives one colony the sort of treatment he gave Alfred.  No colony is allowed to be the Imperial Consort to The Empire.  Instead all the colonies take turns, 5 years at a time.  Arthur is very confused sexually at this point.  On one hand he by nature is submissive in sex.  He does not like topping and likes being on the receiving end.  On the other hand, he is the single most powerful empire around and it's not polite for one's empire to be tied up by it's colonies. SO it's pretty much awkward!sex for the next few hundred years.

Back to Alfred.
He doesn't get involved really with the world again till the world wars.  Instead he sticks to his sister and his twin and gets along fine for the most part, denying how much he wants Arthur.

The relationship between Arthur and Alfred is complicated.  They went from a platonic family type love to hate, to tolerance, to lust to whatever it is now.  Alfred's torn.  He's not really supposed to love him - Arthur being most of the people who've ever managed to attack him on his own land (Canada as an English Colony, Mexico, and Japan being the others.)  But there's that Special Relationship.
England didn't really know what he had till it was gone.  Alfred breaking off freaked him out - and here he was now, the former empire wanting his former colony to dom him hard.  Que ensuing years of angst.

Today:  Alfred's possessive.  It's HIS Special Relationship with Arthur.  It's HIS rivalry with Russia.  So he glares like Russia on a bad day whenever anyone tries to interfere with any of it while not doing anything because he doesn't know how to start.  England doesn't know how to start either.  He's scared of losing Alfred again.  Russia thinks this whole thing is cute and wants to bang both of them.
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