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Title: Bent But Unbroken
Pairing:  OOC/America, Russia/America
Genre: HumanAU
Warnings: Rape.  Non-Con.  Stalking. 
Rating: Adult
Summary:  Alfred's life has two parts to it these days - Pre-Jude and Post-Jude. And then it suddenly has a third:  Witness Protection.

To Matthew, these days his brother's life has two parts to it.  Pre-Jude Sharper and Post-Jude Sharper.

Pre-Jude Sharper Alfred was a rising star in the field of Criminal Law.  He'd been a track and field star at college, and a football scholarship had paid for his tuition.  He hadn't just been good at sports - he'd been smart enough to know one day his sports career would end, and he'd need to have something to back it up with.  So he'd gone for a degree in Criminal Justice.  It had snowballed into becoming a Law degree.  Alfred had been the class clown, always ready with a joke, and a laugh for his classmates.  He'd been outgoing and full of life in a vivid and often overwhelming way.  Matthew had wanted to hate his twin - often had wished him away if just to let Matthew have a moment to shine.

Post-Jude Shaprer Alfred was a stranger.  Sharper had come along in a moment of Alfred's life when Alfred had in retrospect just need a friend.  At first it had been subtle.  Sharper worked in the business office across the hall - inscurance law he'd said.  They got coffee at the same stand in the morning, rode the same elevator up to the fifth floor and back down at night.  He'd been on the surface, a perfect friend for Alfred.

Post-Jude Sharper Alfred had been whisked away from his hospital bed by Protective Custody and no one had seen him nor heard from him in three years.  Even Ivan Braginsky, Alfred's long time boyfriend hadn't been allowed contact.  It almost broke Matthew's heart to see the ring and dried flowers sitting on the table for the first year.

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