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Title: Not any Farther Then I can Throw You!
Pairing:  Russia/Australia
Genre: Genderbend
Warnings: None yet
Rating: Adult
Summary: Kink meme-prompt WiP

For once, when the meeting room had to replace it wasn't the fault of Alfred or Arthur.

It was in fact the fault of the one person everyone had least expected.

When Ivan and Sheila broke up, the break up was in a word, spectacular. Nobody knew what had happened – Ivan simply glowered at anyone who asked, and Sheila had tried to throw Francis out the window when he'd asked. The actual act of the break up, however, had been highly public. Sheila had taken advantage of a meeting to haul a fair amount of Ivan's cloths (including his underwear to various people's horror, he wears boxer-briefs, except for a furry thong), piled it up in the middle of the room, doused it with vodka and lit the whole thing on fire.

“Hey, jackass,”she yelled into the room, as she dumped the bottle he'd given her on their anniversary on the pile, brandishing a lighter. “Go fuck yourself mate!”

The fire had to be put out by an overzealous water spell thanks to Peter Kirkland whom had only recently begun to show signs of having inherited the Kirkland magic, and Arthur's tea (Denmark). Arthur Kirkland, acting for once as a parental figure to Sheila, took a swing at Ivan - (“Make my little girl cry, fucking wanker!” “KOLKOLKOL”) - and then Alfred cheerfully took a swing at Ivan under the guise of defending Arthur and it became a free for all from there. At one point Arthur switched sides in the fray to Ivan, recreating the offensive against Napolean - (“What the hell!” “Die Frog!”), only to be brought to his senses when Matthew hauled Francis out of the meeting room.

Eventually all the nations had to be separated on opposite ends of the building. Per usual, Ludwig was one of the few nations who avoided being dragged into the conflict. (The only time Ludwig had ever been in one of the brawls had been when someone had made a snide comment about his older sister choice of clothing, and her somewhat religious order origins.) Repairmen were notified, fines posted and yet another meeting had to be canceled while a new meeting room was found.

It took almost four months for Ludwig to calm down enough for him to allow Sheila and Ivan back into the nation's monthly meetings.

A year later, and while no one had ever really forgotten the blow up, for the most part it was left in the past in favor of more current entertainment. Such as Alfred's (failed) proposals to Matthew, or Francis chasing Arthur chasing Francis chasing Arthur, well one gets the picture. It just fell to the sidelines.

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