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The following are plots that I haven't started to work on yet but plan on doing so at some point in time.

1.  America and Storm Chasing: aka the real reason American Presidents have been going grey.

Alfred vanishes on the President one day.  Then, after grilling England (“I know you do magic, where’s my country!”), asking Canada (“Are you my country?”), politely demanding Russia hand over Alfred (“Please give him back, we like him the way he is - and we have more nukes then you.”), he turns on the TV excepting to see the daily news.

Instead, there’s Alfred.

In the middle of a ripped apart trailer park.

Telling the newscaster how utterly awesome this is and how he’s going to take up stormchasing as a new hobby.

And alls the President can think is “Is this punishment for taking away the space program?”

Cause you know when a Nation gets excited about something, the entire country does to.  So if Alfred takes up Storm chasing, half the country will too.  And this President, he loves his fellow countrymen, but there are just some people who shouldn’t be within 3 states of a tornado or hurricane.

2. Star Trek AU:  Or why I need to stop thinking of plots at work.

“You’re trying to poison me,” Arthur yelled out, hitting Alfred’s arm away from him.  “I knew this was too good to be true.”

Alfred stiffened. “Why do you always assume the worst!”

“It keeps me alive - and you’re trying to kill me!”

“For you all know this could be a vitamin injection to help with the stress levels you’ve been facing,” Alfred yelled back. “Why the hell are you so fucking paranoid!”

Arthur stopped and looked at him.  “All right, I’m sorry for assuming it’s poison.  Is it?”

Alfred shrugged.  “Yes.”

“What the hell!”

“I’m trying to save your life.”

Arthur stared at him. “What the hell.”

3.The English Vice, ie Caning.  I’m thinking England would top for this one.

4.CowboyPorn.  With Ropes.  And Chaps.  And Hats.

5. Forceful Blowjob by America OR Canada, or hell, both.

6. FACE Sentinel Crossover (ok it's sorta started but it's all on paper.)
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