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Title:  More on Specific Houses
Genre: AU, D/s, Power Exchange Universe
Rating: R

So since I need a place to put my notes below listed are the notes and outlines I made while writing "Carnations", "Rosa", and "Lilys, Weeds and Leaves".

Houses and Symbols:

Spain:      Spain's Pleasure House is the Royal  Pleasure House of Spain. It's symbol is the Carnation for the subs, and a Bull for the doms.   The Spanish House specializes in Blood Play and Piercings.  Most Favored get a second, colored Red Carnation.

The English house is actually part of 4 houses which operate under the same unified umbrella of the Imperial British Pleasure House.  After unification, the houses unified as well, presenting a strong front to the rest of the world.  Scotland and England tend to teach the harsher Doms and Subs respectively, while Wales teaches the less "violent" ones.  Ireland teaches both Subs and Doms.   The Imperial House marks it's Most Favored subs with a Tudor Rose surrounded by a celtic design  - thus the name of Imperial Rose.   For subs not considered to have reached Most Favored Status, they receive the national flower of the 'branch' they trained under.  All of the branchs incorporate the Celtic knotwork into their markings, often getting the Training Master's name in the knotwork.  

    Scotland:  Scotland teaches Doms primarily.  The Doms that come out of Scotland can be strict and controlling at times, but are also well known to be some of the most dedicated ones out there.  They respect, honor and celebrate their Sub's choice with all they have.  Something that sets the Scottish trained Doms apart is their notorious dedication in taking care of their Subs - especially the aftercare.   Doms who come out of the Scottish School earn the Imperial Lion.  The Celtic knotwork around the Imperial Lion often has that Dom's training Master's name written in it.  The few Subs that train in the Scottish school earn a Thistle.

    England:  The English branch trains the Subs who have an appetite for pain, and numerous other kinks.  Subs that train here earn a marking of a Royal Oak.  The English Subs are well known to be sensual, playful when in bed.  Outside of bed, they're dignified, elegant and untouchable.  This gives them an air of aloofness.  They're also known to be willing to try almost anything at least once.

    Wales:  The Welsh Subs earn a design of both Leeks and Daffodils.  Doms, a Dragon.  The Welsh trained Subs and Doms are elegant, graceful people who have a love of life and a passion for it which shows in their play.  They tend to not be overtly kinky.

    Ireland:  The Irish trained Subs and Doms are fierce, passionate.  The people who train here focus on the senses - they can bring someone off using a peice of cloth, taste of anything, or the touch of a finger.  It's the act and the feel of it that gets them.  They're some of the most sensualists folk out there next to some of the European countries.  Subs earn their Clover, while Doms, the Irish Wolfhound.


The Nationalized German House was heavily influenced by the old Prussian Imperial House.  As such, they tend to be controlling, domineering, stern Doms.  They are one of the few houses who teach Flogging and Caning as a pleasure.  Like the Spanish house, they teach Blood Play and piercings.  German Doms are militaristic in their bearings, but are can rival the Scottish in the tenderness of the care of their Subs during aftercare.  Doms earn a Black Eagle.  Subs earn a Cornflower. 

The German house is unique also in it's training.  They believe that to first truly appreciate a Sub, one must first experience what it's like.  All of their Doms are required to experience what it's like to Sub for every tool or technique they learn in house.  An English visitor once commented that it was because of the Doms having to experience what it was like to sub, that caused the aftercare to be so thoroughly sensual.

Italy:  The Italian House (Villa) didn't formally exist on the world stage till after the reunification.  However, this is Europe's oldest Pleasure House, dating back to pre-Roman times.  Only some of the Asian and Greece House(s) can claim a longer existence.  None rival it in terms of power, influence and dedication.  They train more people then any other house.  Prussia once remarked that if the Italians gave half as much attention to War as they did Love, the world would be ruled by Italy.   No one really goes against an edict from the Roman Pleasure House.  It's just not worth it. 

It was in Rome that the Pleasure House concept first really started.  The Italian house is one of the strict while in training.  Training is a 1 year commitment for everyone, regardless.  The first 3 and last 3 months are spent in a spartan-esque dorm, in order to drill that pleasure must be earned.  Sessions are done in groups and is very hands on.  The Italian house primarily focuses on bondage, the senses and control.  Doms are marked with a Wolf, Subs with a sprig of  Poppies.  Most Favored get a White Rose added to it.

France:  French Doms earn a Rooster, while Subs earn an Iris.  Most Favored are marked with colored Lily.  The French tend to train sadists, believing the pain elevates and raises the pleasure.  The world's most notorious Dom, de Sade came from France.  However, the house does train non-sadist and masochists and honor them the same.  It is the elegance, the surrender to the will of a Dom that earns a Lily.  A French Most Favored is a sub who knows what they want, how they want it, and from who and have no issue getting it.  In contrast to the Imperial Roses, a Lily will rarely go to bed alone.

New World Nations:  None of the new world nations have their own unified Pleasure House.  Instead, they tend to train under the house of their Colonial Master.  Mexicans primarily train under the Royal House of Spain.  Canadians train under the Imperial British House or the National House of France normally.  America is the odd one, as Americans don't favor one house over the any other. 

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