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Some of you know my feelings on fandom and donation Auctions - namely that the money rarely gets to where it needs to go.  Well, what many of us forget (and I have been been one of sometimes), is that we have local Chapters who help right here in your local community, with donations rarely leaving the community.

In light of the world's many natural and war related disasters, The International Red Cross, and in fact, even your local Red Cross, is in need of help.

They help our homeless, with a warm winter jacket or a warm meal when it counts.  It's the Red Cross volunteer who sits next to someone who's just lost everything they own in a fire, with a warm blanket, and a helping hand to get them back on their feet.   It's the Red Cross volunteer who kneels down and gives the little girl a stuffed toy when a flood takes hers away.  It's the Red Cross who faithfully run blood drive after blood drive to make sure that the car wreck victim has the blood they need to live. 

And they do it because it's the right thing to do. 

So.  Let us do something amazing here, something that no other fandom really, has done.  I challenge you, every one of you, myself included, to donate to your local Red Cross chapters this year by May 8 2011, which is Red Cross day this year.  Auction a fic, piece of art, whatever.  The point is to donate to your local Red Cross.

Let's show that not only can this fandom come together in times of crisis, but can also support our own Red Cross in times of quiet.  Let's support not just a nation, but the very town you live in.

I am donating this Friday, and will do again on May 8th.  I am bringing my local Red Cross, jackets, blankets, several stuffed animals, and a monetary donation.  It's not much.  But all of it is items I know they need.  I can't donate blood, but I can do this.

I challenge you, everyone of you, who've donated to Help Japan, or any of the many other fundraisers, to donate to your Local Red Cross.  Make Red Cross Day 2011 one to remember.


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